Banco Chambers was opened on 10 March 2005 in the Reserve Bank Building by the Hon. J.J. Spigelman AC Chief Justice of New South Wales. It then consisted of 15 members, made up of 3 silks and 12 juniors. The current Head of Chambers is Cameron Moore SC. The inaugural head of Chambers was Justin Gleeson SC, followed by Robert Newlinds SC. 

Banco Chambers expanded in January 2009, taking a floor in Chifley Tower and 15 new junior barristers. In 2020, further growth culminated in another transformative relocation and expansion in which Banco Chambers moved to two levels in a newly developed modern office building at 60 Martin Place, Sydney. There was a further addition of 14 new barristers, bringing the total number of barristers to just over 50, including 16 of Australia’s leading Silks and some of Australia’s most talented junior barristers.

The 2020 expansion consolidated the Chambers in one location in close proximity to the Law Courts Building, and affirmed its place as one of Australia’s leading barristers’ chambers.

Two of our foundation members, Justice Christine Adamson and Justice Fabian Gleeson are now Judges of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and the Court of Appeal respectively.

Banco has always been and remains a youthful progressive floor committed to providing the highest level of service in the rapidly changing legal market. All of our barristers have superior and specialised advocacy skills enabling them to add value to any case in any court, tribunal or arbitration. Our barristers are also specialists in various fields where they provide sensible, commercial, objective and accurate advice.

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