BANCO INTERIORS 60 966wBanco Chambers offers up to four readership positions each year, two for the May intake and two for the September intake. 

When can I apply?

Our next available intake is for May and September 2026. Application deadlines for this intake will be published in due course.

Who should I submit my application to?

Applications should be made by email to the Chair of the Readers’ Committee, Katherine Richardson SC, and the Clerk, Jeh Coutinho.

What should be in my application?

A cover letter, CV and academic transcript, any other relevant information you wish to have considered, and the names and contact details of at least two referees that can be contacted by our Readership Committee. It is particularly helpful to have referees with detailed knowledge of your practical experience. Your application should also note if you have a preference for commencing in the May or September intake.

What happens after I submit an application?

Promptly after the application window closes, candidates selected for interviews will be contacted to arrange an interview. Interviews are typically conducted very shortly after the application deadline closes.

What if I am unavailable during the interview period?

First, we encourage you to plan for interviews to happen shortly after the deadline closes. However, we understand that in exceptional circumstances an applicant's decision to come to the Bar may not fit within our application timelines. If that is the case, please contact the Clerk.

When are offers made?

Offers are made as soon as possible after interviews have been conducted. We understand that candidates may be attending multiple interviews and may face difficult choices. We will try to let you know where we stand as soon as possible. However, if you need a response sooner than when we said we could provide one (either about whether an interview will be offered or whether an offer of readership will be made), you are welcome to contact the Clerk about it.

What are the readership accommodation arrangements at Banco?

Banco Chambers has 4 reader spaces. The spaces are centrally located in the chambers with exposure to other barristers on the Floor in mind.

Do I have to pay for readership accommodation?

No. This accommodation is provided at no cost to the reader for the duration of their readership.

What are the accommodation arrangements when the readership concludes?

Banco Chambers has 9 licensee rooms. They are generously sized, and centrally located in our Chambers. Typically, at the conclusion of the readership year a reader will be offered licensee accommodation for at least 12 months for which a monthly licence fee applies.

Do I need an on floor tutor? How do I get one?

Banco Chambers' readers are encouraged to have one tutor from Banco Chambers, and a second tutor from another chambers. Banco Chambers' Clerk and Readership Committee would be pleased to assist new barristers in identifying suitable tutors to enhance their readership experience.

What else can I expect from reading at Banco Chambers?

Banco Chambers is invested in our readership program. Our Readership Committee is comprised of 6 members of Chambers from across its seniority spectrum in order to give candidates a broad impression of our Chambers. Readers at Banco Chambers will be offered our support and resources to assist with the establishment of a successful practice at the Bar, including:

  1. the support of our Clerk and our members in getting work;
  2. free accommodation in the readership year;
  3. informal mentoring;
  4. access to legal research resources at no cost;
  5. parental leave policy; and
  6. the collegiate and "open door" approach of our members which assists new barristers in the development of their legal skills and practice.