Banco Chambers has since its inception maintained a progressive culture and as part of its commitment to these values has adopted the following policies: 

Parental Leave Policy

Our comprehensive Parental Leave Policy provides certainty, relief from financial commitments for the first 6 months’ of leave, and a robust support structure for the return to work phase

Workplace Conduct Policy

Our Workplace Conduct Policy demonstrates our commitment to ensuring respect and safety in the workplace. The Policy makes clear that bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, and vilification is not tolerated at Banco Chambers.

The Policy offers support and flexibility to individuals who wish to make a complaint. A person can speak to either a designated contact person at Banco Chambers (Cameron Moore SC or Tiffany Wong SC) or an appointed external consultant (Louise Morrow, Clinical Psychologist). In recognition of the broad range of circumstances that can give rise to a complaint, similar flexibility is also incorporated into the complaint resolution processes available, including formal and informal processes depending on the nature and gravity of the complaint.

Workplace Conduct Policy

Workplace Conduct Policy Fact Sheet

External Consultant 
Louise Morrow
0408 448 326

Equitable Briefing

A number of our senior members are signatories to the Law Council of Australia’s Equitable Briefing Policy.

If you have any concerns, questions, or feedback in respect of any matter that touches upon one of the above policies, please contact Cameron Moore SC or Tiffany Wong SC.