Banco congratulates Casey Ashton for 10 years of service in Chambers

23 February 2024

We are pleased to congratulate our Junior Clerk, Casey Ashton, on attaining 10 years of service at Banco Chambers. For 10 years Casey has been attending to important day to day Chambers operations including ensuring our kitchens and photocopiers copiers are stocked and ready to support our barristers.

Casey’s commenced employment in 2014 when Banco Chambers partnered with Job Support, an employment enterprise that helps people with intellectual disabilities find employment. Job Support worked with Casey to help her determine the type of work she would like, culminating in her placement at Banco. Job Support liaised with Banco Chambers to create a role and job description matched to Casey’s strengths and abilities. A Job Support liaison officer continues to support Casey in the workplace with regular visits, particularly during times of change such as when Banco relocated to 60 Martin Place.

At a Job Support event this week, Casey and other Job Support clients received an award from The Hon Amanda Rishworth MP, the Minister for Social Services, for attaining 10 years of employment. Casey is pictured alongside Jeh Coutinho, Rebecca White and Banco Chambers Director David Sulan. Reflecting on Casey’s long association with Banco, David said “Casey's positive attitude to work and optimism have become integral to Banco Chambers. Her work makes a genuine contribution to our operational needs. We are very grateful to Job Support and I encourage every organisation in the legal services industry and beyond to consider how their operations could benefit from partnering with Job Support.”

Job Support is supported by funding from the Commonwealth Disability Employment Services programme and a broader legislative framework. It has one of the highest job placement and job retention rates for differently abled job seekers in Australia.

If you would like to learn more about employing with Job Support please contact Job Support directly or get in touch with Jeh Coutinho or David Sulan.

Link to Job Support