Banco Chambers delivers virtual practice CPD to the profession

4 May 2020

Banco Chambers delivers virtual practice CPD to the profession

Previous updates have focussed on online appearances by Banco Barristers (see here) as well as a pair of adjournment applications in major hearings before the Federal Court in which Banco Barristers appeared (see here).

To build on Banco Chambers’ now extensive body of experience in preparing for and making online court appearances, we developed an Online Practice and Court Appearance CPD. The CPD, which covers the latest developments and judgements in relation to online practice at the Courts, practical considerations for virtual practice, and practical considerations for preparing for a hearing, was developed by a specially convened sub-committee of Banco barristers and represents the collective experiences of all of our members.

The CPD has proven enormously popular. 40 different Banco barristers have delivered the CPD online over various platforms to approximately 1,350 solicitors across more than 30 firms and government agencies across Australia. We are continuing to present the CPD and if you or your firm are interested in receiving it then please contact our Clerk.

The members of Banco Chambers extend their thanks to its sub-committee comprising Kate Richardson SC, Robert Yezerski, Fiona Roughley, Adam Hochroth, Danielle Forrester, and Harriet Lenigas for their work in developing the CPD.

Banco Barristers involved in COVID 19 related matters

A number of legal matters caused by or connected to the outbreak of COVID 19 have emerged and have involved advice or virtual appearance work by Banco Chambers’ barristers. Examples include:

  • Vanessa Whittaker SC, with Tamasin Jonker are appearing in ongoing Federal Court proceedings before Markovic J for the administrators of major retailer the Collette Group. In the same proceedings Tiffany Wong SC and Sebastian Hartford Davis are briefed for an interested party.
  • Ruth Higgins SC, with David Sulan and Robert Yezerski, are acting for the administrators of Virgin Australia in proceedings currently before the Federal Court of Australia.
  • Kate Lindeman, together with Gail Furness SC, are appearing for the NSW Department of Health in the NSW Government’s Special Commission of Inquiry into Ruby Princess;
  • Andrew Coleman SC and Darrell Barnett are advising the purchaser of a hospitality business (which is currently shut down) where the contract was entered into well before the outbreak of COVID 19 and where the settlement date falls after the outbreak; and
  • Robert Newlinds SC is advising the owners of a commercial property portfolio whose tenants operate in industries that have been significantly affected by the outbreak of COVID 19.