Robert Newlinds SC

Silk 2003
Call 1990
Phone +61 2 8239 0228

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Robert Newlinds is one of Australia's pre-eminent barristers. For more than 25 years he has practised widely across all jurisdictions in Australia with a particular emphasis on commercial disputes, corporation matters and insolvency.

He has conducted hundreds of cases at both trial and appellate level in all of the Superior Courts throughout Australia. Robert is well known for his ability to conduct the most difficult cases and for his ability to identify and focus on the essential issues in a case. He is renowned for his cross examination and has cross examined former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, directors of major listed companies, and many others.  

Robert also served as the head of Banco Chambers from 2012 - 2020.


Chambers & Partners Asia Pacific Guide 2015 - 2023 - Band 1 in Insolvency and Restructuring: “A very good advocate,” "Has a long track record of acting on large and complex disputes," "a leading light in the insolvency arena," "one of the leaders of the Australian Bar," and "renowned for cross-examination." In a recent interview, one source commented "We were all impressed with the way he was able to give clear strategic advice. He showed that he had a real depth of practical experience, and we were grateful for that."

Chambers & Partners Asia Pacific Guide 2015 - 2023 - Band 4 in Dispute Resolution: “a natural, instinctive advocate and excellent cross-examiner with a great courtroom presence," “a very tough silk," "His commercial acumen is amazing and his advocacy skills are revered," "a very good counsel and a very effective cross examiner with a robust style," "an exceptional advocate," and "a good man in a hard case."

Doyles Guide (Australia wide) 2015 - 2020 - Preeminent Insolvency and Restructuring Senior Counsel

Doyles Guide 2015 - 2021 - Recommended Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution Counsel